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Cities are our greatest innovation.

They exist because humans arernmeant to be together,rnliving and working in an ecosystem.rnrnAnd by 2050, two-thirds of the world’srnrnpopulation will live in urban areas.

cairo traffic

Our cities are sick.

This unprecedented wave of urbanization is straining our cities.rnrnBecause we built our cities for cars, not people.

Turin, Northern Italy during COVID lockdown

But everything’s changed.

Before COVID-19, people were already starting to transition to more sustainable, neighborhood-centric living.rnrnAnd now, that change is accelerated.


So we reflect.

For the first time in almost a century,rnwe have the space to reflect:rnrnWhat do we want our neighborhoods to look like?rnrnHow do we rebuild our world?rnrnHow should we shape our communities and our future?

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A space to ask–and answer these questions.

A space for those looking to build a new Blueprint–a future where neighborhoods are at the heart of our cities.

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Welcome to Blueprint.

A digital magazine dedicated to building better cities through thought leadership, conversation and decisive actions that build towards a future we believe in.rnrn 

Richard Florida

Meet our Founding Editor–Richard Florida.

With renowned urbanist Richard Florida, author of “The Rise of the Creative Class,” “The New Urban Crisis,” and professor at the University of Toronto’s School of Cities and Rotman School of Management, we’ll explore the state of cities. We’ll discover and discuss the policies and products that are changing how we live and work and meet the people vested in being the change.

Gas Lamp Quarter San Diego

Future. Forward.

Together, we’ll reimagine and rethink how our communities operate–a new infrastructure that builds towards the 15-minute city.rnrnCommunities we actually want to live in.

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