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  • Ellen Dunham-Jones

    Ellen Dunham-Jones is professor of architecture and directs the urban design degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She hosts the Redesigning Cities podcast, maintains a database of over 2,000 suburban retrofits and has co-authored two books on the subject.

  • Eren Bali

    Eren Bali is the founder and CEO of Carbon Health, a modern, tech-enabled care provider on a mission to make great care accessible to everyone.

  • Kerry Steib

    Kerry Steib is the head of impact at REEF Technology, building programs to make our neighborhoods more sustainable, inclusive, and supportive. Named to Refinery29’s “Rising Female Tech Stars,” Kerry is a renowned leader in social impact.

  • Lucas Dawe

    With 20 years’ logistics experience, mostly gained in the food supply chain, Lucas Dawe’s expertise is a unique blend of operations, food and beverage needs, and consumer technology. His drive for efficiency and problem solving comes from his days running operations in submarines for the Royal Navy. Today he is driving the innovation behind Collectiv Food’s delivery methods toward leaner, greener, and more customer-centric models.

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