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How Do We Make Our Cities More Accessible?

The inaccessibility of our cities is an issue that will affect us all—but it’s an invisible problem for a lot of people. How do we move toward cities that are designed with everyone in mind?


A Conversation With UrbanLab’s Chris Socha on How Design Creates Vibrancy in Public Spaces

UrbanLab architect Chris Socha is bringing his vision of placemaking to life in Milwaukee. Find out how his interconnected, sustainable, experience-focused designs are revitalizing the city.


Standout City: Chicago’s Most Interesting Neighborhoods

Chicago’s neighborhoods each have their own history, culture, and charm. Here are some of the city’s most interesting communities and their must-see spots.

Food + Culture

Our Land of Plenty: Fighting America’s Hunger Crisis

The pandemic propelled millions into food insecurity, but farmers, educators, and organizations across the nation have stepped up to fight hunger and give back to their communities.

Pearl District's historical Union Station


Then & Now: Portland’s Pearl District

An inviting tourist destination since it was revitalized in the late ’90s, Portland’s Pearl District wasn’t always the walkable, welcoming neighborhood it is today.


Creative CEO: How Cool-Girl Gelareh Mizrahi Broke the Mold in Luxury Handbags

Designer Gelareh Mizrahi shares how life lessons from improv and letting the creative process bloom took her from concept to international brand in under a year—and keep her at the top of the game today.


Experimental Neighborhoods Where the Car Is Not King: Doing Things Differently in Arizona, Quebec, & Beyond

Real estate developers are kicking cars to the curb and embracing people-centered design. Do these neighborhood developments offer a blueprint for more sustainable cities?


Powering Resilient Cities: How to Ensure Clean, Reliable, & Equitable Energy Systems

Find out what the experts say about the state of our energy systems and how we can make them more equitable, sustainable, resilient.

The exterior of the Mainzer.


Rebuilding Downtown Merced, California: A Q&A With Robin Donovan & Sara Cribari Hill

Michael Bonadies

Robin Donovan and Sara Cribari Hill are on a mission to reshape downtown Merced and drive economic growth through community-centered development.


Essential Education: Resources on the Intersection of Race and Urbanism

By learning and listening more, we can all do better to promote equality and inclusivity. Here are some things to read, watch, and listen to that examine how race and urban planning intertwine.

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